Diabetic Dyslipidemia
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LIPAGLYN - A novel drug for treating Diabetic Dyslipidemia

combines lipid and glucose lowering effects in one single molecule.

Adverse Event Reporting

We at Zydus believe that patient safety is our prime concern ahead of commercial or other interests.

The aim of Pharmacovigilance is to protect public health by identifying, evaluating and minimizing safety issues in all possible ways.

So, we encourage consumers, health care professionals, our employees and others to report the following to our Pharmacovigilance department:

Medical occurrence temporally associated with the use of our medicinal product, including an abnormal laboratory finding but not necessarily causally related.

A response to our drug which is noxious and unintended, and which occurs at doses normally used in human for the prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy of disease, or for the modifications of physiological function

The patient has taken, (accidentally or intentionally) above/below the maximal /minimal recommended dose as stated in the product label/authorized product information or as prescribed

Includes an interaction with another drug, device, disease, food or alcohol

Accidental exposure to Zydus product may or may not be a result of one’s occupation

Use of a Zydus product during pregnancy/lactation even though there are no adverse events/adverse drug reactions

Drug exposure of embryo or foetus via semen due to father taking Zydus product

Inappropriate use of Zydus product that was not intended. This may be an actual error that occurred, an error that was intercepted (near miss) or an error that could occur (potential).

Medication errors are captured whether or not the product was ingested or administered

Medication errors are captured whether or not it resulted in an adverse event

→ Injection for intravenous use prescribed as intramuscular or subcutaneous.
→ Prescribing a drug to which the patient is allergic.
→ Wrong drug dispensed, due to illegibility of prescription or drug/brand sounds alike.

Type of medication error involving confusion between Zydus products or confusion between a Zydus product with another manufacturer’s product.

May involve similar packaging, the image of a dosage form, the sound of a product's name, or unclear labeling or instructions for use

May be intentional (e.g., off label use, misuse, or abuse), unintentional (e.g., medication error), or the intention is not known

Zydus drug was ineffective (did not work) or the expected effect was not achieved

Beneficial effect of a product aside from the use for which it has been given

Concern/issue with product quality

→ Tablet was broken
→ Tablet colour changed
→ Tablet was missing or blister was empty
→ Label is illegible/Font is very small to read

Points to Consider :

  1. 1. Provide as many details as possible. This will help us to understand the case better.
  2. 2. The patient/reporter's identity is held in strict confidence and protected to the fullest extent. The company shall not disclose the patient/reporter’s identity in response to a request from the public.
  3. 3. The data may be shared with the competent authorities as required to comply with the regulatory requirements.
  4. 4. Submission of a report does not constitute an admission that medical personnel or manufacturer or the product caused or contributed to the reaction.

Adverse Event Reporting Form


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If you wish to report by any other means like Telephone, Email, Postal Mail, Etc., you may select one from the following options:

→ 24X7 Medical Information Contact Center: Dial 1800 419 1141 (Toll free throughout India)

→ Simply send an email at:  drugsafety@zyduscadila.com

→ Download the adverse event reporting form (Click here to download), fill and send it to us in any of the following ways:

→ Send the completed form to:
     Global Pharmacovigilance Department,
     PTC, Cadila Healthcare Limited,
     Sarkhej-Bavla N.H.No 8A, Moraiya, Tal: Sanand,
     Ahmedabad – 382210, Gujarat, India.

→ Scan and E-mail the completed form to:  drugsafety@Zyduscadila.com

Disclaimer: Lipaglyn is a prescription drug and can be taken only under the advice and guidance of a registered medical practitioner.